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Examples of the knowledge that traders good to master.

First you need to use your heart to master your positive and loving mind.

2nd, step up your games by improving professional competency and knowledge

3rd, some knowledge and fundamentals will be effectively empower what you do.

4th, always look for inspirations and better ways to do things. Lily find you – SUCCESS VIDEOS

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Oct 2013  Free Video Clips on Technicals     Daily Reversals * Candles  * Fib * 50% Rule

Sep 27, 2013 Trader Tips from selected article from MoneyShow – key words: “H&S: The Pattern of Opportunity”  – check out this indicator

Sep 25, 2013 Mix Bag on Banks   -key words: ” Pivotal Turning Points in 4 Key Markets”

Sep 2013: Trading Basics: Average True Range (Part One) – Key words: ” same left”

Aug 2013 The Obvious

DSCN8429 (Copy) DSCN8423 (Copy) DSCN8422 (Copy) DSCN8419 (Copy) DSCN8432 (Copy) DSCN8431 (Copy) DSCN8425 (Copy) DSCN8426 (Copy) DSCN8424 (Copy) DSCN8421 (Copy) DSCN8420 (Copy) DSCN8418 (Copy) DSCN8417 (Copy) DSCN8416 (Copy) DSCN8415 (Copy) DSCN8413 (Copy) DSCN8414 (Copy) DSCN8412 (Copy) DSCN8411 (Copy) DSCN8407 (Copy) DSCN8408 (Copy) DSCN8405 (Copy) DSCN8404 (Copy) DSCN8403 (Copy) DSCN8402 (Copy) DSCN8401 (Copy) DSCN8400 (Copy) DSCN8399 (Copy) DSCN8397 (Copy) DSCN8398 (Copy) DSCN8396 (Copy) DSCN8395 (Copy) DSCN8393 (Copy) DSCN8394 (Copy) DSCN8392 (Copy) DSCN8391 (Copy) DSCN8390 (Copy) DSCN8389 (Copy) DSCN8388 (Copy)

July 2013 More resources:

Articles      Researches

==============09/12/13  – price actions  3m’ charts  –  the middle 1/3 concept

============Oct 9 2013

The 4min’ drills

============Oct 10, 2013

what does CTP strategy rule mean when it says ” Engulfing Line Bull” is bullish ?
what does CTP strategy rule mean when it says ” Engulfing Line Bull” is bearish ?
Often CTP users use: 1< Beta < 3  WHY?

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