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Cool Seeds For Cool Traders

The Power in Your Words, the Seed Must Lead

– Selected by Lily Harvey, under the inspiration from Joel and Victoria Osteen

  Speaking Life-Changing Words

Speaking a Blessing

Trusting God’s Timing

Trust God When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Keep Your Heart of Compassion Open

 In the time of need, sow a seed

You can’t rob God and expect Him to Bless you at the same time

If God have given you joy, share it with somebody else

Live to Give

Do something out of the ordinary as an expression of your faith

Happiness is a decision you make, not an emotion you feel

Don’t worry about things you don’t change

One of the healthiest things you can do is leaves to smile more often

Are we willing to pay the price to do the right thing?

Living with Enthusiasm

Learn to be more obidient and learn to be willing

It is our faith that activates the power of God

Be happy with who you are

Choosing the Right Thoughts

Programming your Mental Computer

Letting go of Emotional Wounds

Don’t let Bitterness Take Roots

Let God Bring Justice into Your Life

Defeating Disappointments

Getting Up on the Inside

Enlarge Your Visions

Breaking the Barrior of the Past

Increasing in Favour

Living Favor-Minded

Become What You Believe

Develop a Prosperous Mind-set

“Secret” simple Prayer will put you on a path to find Life, Peace & Happiness:
“Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins, I ask You to come into my heart, I make You my Lord and Savior”  This way you have been “born again”. Attend a good bible-based church or online bible study video clips, keep God in first place in your life.
This way, you will live a life with Peace, Happiness and Abundance

– By Fire Phoenix  ( Fire Phoenix also contributes to a bible study blog)

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Full Day Cool Trader Pro Training Starts Feb 23 In Canada

Training sessions will be held in multiple locations from coast to coast and you can now register to attend the one closest to where you live. Just go into your replicated site > community > live training events and scroll down till you find the one in your area and click on the register link (important that you do this from your own replicated site for future tracking and compliance credit reasons). It only takes a minute and you will receive a confirmation letter that will set out the training day expectations.

First CTP Independent Association Training Kick Off in Phoenix

First group of CTP associates Eight Hour Associate Basics Training Kicked Off today – Leaders of movers and shakers and first line followers will be recorded in CTP’s global legacy in making difference in people’s lives. The rest of the world CTP associates will follow with this official training from now on, from USA to Canada and soon will be other parts of the World. Check out training and National & International Tour time table – get your calendar marked and inform your friends ASAP.

Briefing lines from Lily to her team:
On this sunny Saturday day in Phoenix, at the grand building of Republic Service Corporate HQ Building, the First CTP  Association Training Kicked Off! Six billionaire mind leaders and trainers conducted this Eight Hours Training for the billionaire mind ready CTP Independent Associates. I loved every second of it for its great value to  further clarify my vision on this new economy, shift my mind set, professional skills, leadership to another higher level.  I will uphold all these empowering details until you, my beloved team go through this transforming process. Photo of Celebration. CTP_Training

Meet Cool Trader Pro Founders at CTP National & International Tour

Get Ready, get excited!
To position Your Team To Meet Cool Trader Pro Founders
at CTP National & International Tour

from now to the end of March 2013. All Events must RSVP.
As our team guests, your RSVP email to:
Our event support phone line USA: 602.507.9688 Canada: 604.800.8316

Schedule for the Founders Tour February 19th  through April and beyond:
All events details could be changed without notification here, so please verify with your team leader for the last min. accuracy on time and location of each event.

Monday, 2/18/13: New York
Registration: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00 pm
Location: Roger Smith Hotel, 501 Lexington Avenue (47th-48th St)
Hotel Phone: 212-755-1400
Hosts: Lauren Simpson, Lil Arbogast, Ian Scott, Songhee De Barbieri
Info: 604.733-3339 or 917.531.3737

Tuesday, 2/19/13: Chicago, Illinois
Registration: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00 pm
Location: Courtyard Marriott Chicago O’Hare, 2950 S. River Road, Des Plaines
Hotel Phone: 847-824-7000  (CTA Blue Line Rosemont Stop 1 Mile Away)
Tony Deveaux, State Director: (312) 794-7833
Chris Hurney, Senior Regional Director: (312) 224-8859

Wednesday, 2/20/13: Indianapolis, Indiana
Registration: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00 pm
Location: Holiday Inn Express Southeast, 5302 Victory Drive, Indianapolis
Hotel Phone: 317-791-9100
Host:  Kim McClaran, State Director: (317) 300-4546

Thursday, 2/21/13: Huntsville, Alabama
Registration: 6:30 pm
Presentation: 7:00 pm
Location: Four Points Sheraton, Huntsville Airport, 1000 Glenn Hearn Blvd, Huntsville
Hotel Phone: 256-772-9661
Host: Chet Young, Regional Director: 256-333-0011

Saturday, 2/23/13: Destin, Florida
Registration: 9:30 am
Presentation: 10:00 am
Location: Ramada Plaza Beach Resort, 1500 Miracle Strip Parkway SE, Fort Walton Beach
Hotel Phone: 877-343-8605
Host: Chuck Highers, Senior Regional Director

Founders Tour Schedule

•       February 16th – Saturday – Philadelphia
•       February 18th – Monday – New York City
•       February 19th – Tuesday – Chicago
•       February 20th – Wednesday – Indianapolis
•       February 21st – Thursday – Huntsville, Alabama
•       February 23rd – Saturday – Destin, Florida
•       February 25th – Monday – Los Angeles (LAX)
•       February 26th – Tuesday – San Diego
•       February 27th – Wednesday – Ontario, CA (Riverside County-Inland Empire)
•       February 28th – Thursday – Sacramento
•       March 2nd – Saturday – Cleveland
•       March 4th – Monday – Arizona
•       March 5th – Tuesday – Arizona
•       March 6th – Wednesday – Las Vegas
•       March 7th – Thursday – Irvine, CA (Orange County)
•       March 9th – Saturday – Portland, Oregon
•       March 11th – Monday – Long Island – New York
•       March 12th – Tuesday – New York City
•       March 13th – Wednesday – Kingston, NY
•       March 14th – Thursday – Beltsville, Maryland
•       March 16th – Saturday – New York
•       March 18th – Monday – Tampa
•       March 19th – Tuesday – Orlando
•       March 20th – Wednesday – Miami – Ft. Lauderdale
•       March 21st – Thursday – Tampa
•       March 23rd – Saturday – Boston
•       March 25th – Monday – Halifax, Nova Scotia (tentative)
•       March 26th – Tuesday – Toronto Canada (tentative)
•       March 27th – Wednesday – St. Paul – Minneapolis
•       March 28th – Thursday – Bozeman, Montana
•       March 30th – Vancouver Canada – to be determined

– The Founders Tour Updates on Feb 22, 2013 –

The Founders Tour stopped in Philadelphia, New York and Chicago so far this week and is moving to Indianapolis, Huntsville, AL and Destin, FL before heading to California next week. Are you taking advantage of the power of having ED BARSANO in front of your prospects?

The First International Convention details are being finalized for Las Vegas, NV for April 13-14. When the details are announced, be among the first to book your rooms and flights!