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About CTEA

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this  blog  from some of our Independent Associates’  do not necessarily reflect the views of CoolTraderPro, or any other party or affiliate.

Important Message from Inventor Ed and Message from Lily to CTEA
( CTEA stands for Cool Traders Executive Associates – Join the elite group  )
This will be the stage for CTEA members to shine and share with the world!

This Inspirational and powerful blog is on its way of :
1. Sharing our rocking and soaring experience by using the robotics trading software which is called CoolTraderPro, which was invented by the legend of our time: Mr.Ed Barsano
2. Sharing our anticipated experience of growing our robotic trading portfolio and skills under the leadership of the Founders Team!

Ed, a most funny sweet smart Genius of our time, creator of the robotics trading software CoolTraderPro, Mr. Ed Barsano and his amazing business founders team, have amazingly made this dream a reality to anyone who wants a robotics virtue trusted servant really does “Your wish is my command!”:)

These are not imaginary words, these are some of our team members getting to know Genius Ed and his Team experience. We are thrilled, excited and very very very thankful for this life changing opportunity for many that is real.

Lights, Camera, Smile…Get Ready! We Will We Will Rock You…:)

This will be the stage for CTEA members to shine and share with the world! Before this site is officially constructed and developed for our friends and executives community, viewers can visit  Lily Harvey’s blog for more info

and follow her at or at http://About.Me/LilyHarvey


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