Smile! You’re at the best Cool Traders Network:)

Tour HQ

Dec 28 2012, it is sunny beautiful day in the beautiful Phoenix.
Lily and her community banker manager Adriana are visiting CoolTraderPro Corporate Office, meeting one of the founders Cary, office manager Jean and busy bees behind the scenes. (not every busy bees got photo opportunity. Lily promises they will get one from her next visit)
From Left: Jean, Cary and Adriana.
Adriana is representing the community bank to visit CoolTraderPro.

From Left: Lily, Cary, Adriana.
Adriana is so excited to hear from Cary about the inventor Ed did this because he wanted to level the play ground for everyone in the world. CoolTraderPro’s mission is to re-install people’s confidence back to our market.
Left are PCs loaded with CoolTraderPro. Each PC is a trading station. each station, the robotics can handle 100 tickers on the buy side and 100 tickers on sell side. Robotics up to work during the market and close down after market automatically. A check-in machine to ensure performance is Not needed, Nor a HR department to handle pay complains – Because Robotics follow orders and loyal:)

Teacher Wendy was warmly welcomed by Lori and Sunil. Sunil Wadhwa is the President and founder of CoolTraderPro

Lily and this awesome couple Lori and Sunil are thumb up for all CoolTraderPro associates!

Three energetic women professional Pros:) From Left: Adriana, Jean and Lily

Henry, the IT King Bee behind the scene. From left: Henry, Lily

Lily and Adriana posed a photo with this most hard working, young, smart and handsome founder Nick.

Joyful time to receive some appreciation. From left: Founder Cary, Office Manager Jean.


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