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Peer support peer programs

How can we support cool trader 123 community members each other better?
We are starting out following “In House Support” programs to our robots cool traders incl. 4X-DAT traders:
(Due to limited time resource, our main objective is to support and service our own cool traders. If you do not have pw to access any area matter to you, contact us)
We also encourage our cool trader members if you have the skills and time to be part of support team,talk to us.

From Now to Jan 2 2015: Peer Support Promo 

1. PC performance improvement service

2a. CTP working station preferences setup incl. initial simulation strategy download

2b. Assisting customize strategies that fit your personality and funding

3. Traders’ records management and Reporting Service. Sep 12 2014 article on tax and report

4. Trading accounts conflict resolution facilitation through regulatory bodies

5. Peer Mentoring Programs

If you have one or all of the needs to improve your robots trading experience, please contact us to book your free info session.
Canada: 604 282 6665 USA: 602 507 9681 Coordinator email: (tip of typing accuracy: copy n paste)

Download service request and agreement form – contact us for access code.

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