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2017 Greetings to Cool Traders and OneCoin Owners!

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Can you imagine! We are in 2017 the YEAR OF THE  ROOSTER, THE YEAR OF VICTORY!

One Coin Digital Currency Review & Update:

OneCoin Launching in Jan 2015 like was yesterday: 2015 OneCoin initial launch in HK in Jan, then many other countries,USA Market launched on July 6. Internal trading started July 15. OneCoin started at 50 cents Euro in Jan. Now OneCoin has over 2.7 Million mining owner members and over 35% of the 2.1 billion coins minded. Once hit 30%, we expect the IPO will be announced – It did! Current OC is around 7 Euro while Bitcoin now is 1180 CAD. IPO will take place around July 2018, and expect OC goes to 25 + euro.

Just over TWO year One Year, current  OneCoin bid/ask now at around 7 euro

In Year ONE,  OneCoin Owners from zero grew to 1.3 Million and coin owners in more than 196 countries in the world!

Within One Year, EXPECTATION OF arising OneCoin Value from 0.50 euro to 2.5 -5.00 euro at the end of 2015, has achieved!

In Year TWO, 2016. Owners grow to 2.7 million in 200+ countries and almost in every country on earth. OC value reached 7 euro, has achieved Year two expectation.

What’s more exciting for 2017 & 2018?

1. All merchants around the world will have opp. to capture this market share and grow in a flying speed!
2. Current more than 35% of entire 2.1 billion coins mined, it has hits 30%, IPO will happen in mid year of 2018 as OneCoin initial road map forecast of Jan 2015.

Stunning 24X7 Speed! See:Alive OneCoin official site & READ:Update Blog


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Notes: Cool Trader Robot aka CTP was on the market since 2005 started from TD Ameritrade now serves 5 world major brokerages incl. Interactive Brokers. CTP utilized MLM in 2011-2014 to educate and put tools to the hands of middle class, it was featured at Moving America Forward National TV interview. Mission achieved so its MLM dissolved in Jan 1 2015. Support enhanced! Investor or financial planners can purchase Cool Trade

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Feb 11 2016 vs. following April 15 2015 – the # of members and # of the coins have mined: SPEED of 24X7!

Update Feb 11 2016

Following is snap shoot on Apr 15 2015 show the # of investor learners enrolled globally and the coins mined. Should you wish to enroll either the Free learning program or 1 to 5 packages, revisit above 3 links. (Click2Enlarge image)

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************************************Beyond this point bellow are notes in the past.

Interesting reading on Nov 8 2014 – The secretive money man who helped the GOP win – He is using robots trading Billions!

One of the most important Republican donors in America today is a hedge fund manager who keeps a low profile.

Read on:


Happy Thanksgiving Turkey For You!

– Canada Oct 13 & USA Nov 27

Happy Chinese Moon Festival 2014:
Story of the Moon Festival Spectacular Sunset 


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Notes to viewers from the blog contributor Lily Harvey:
So much Love and abundance in You and Around You! The external Love and Abundance will not be received until the inner Love and Abundance awakened through gratitude! So many time, we take things incl. good news and knowledge learning opp. for granted, we learned little because our mind says “I know that” or learned nothing by letting opp. pass. So many times, we find excuses for not taking actions that will step up our performance, so many times, we wait for miracles or favours rather to give favours and to create miracles. Understandable, no human can do so without a strong faith, a big heart , full trust of the law of universe and fill with his or her heart with many many thanks to others.

Good news is ” Ask, you shall receive”. With awareness of our protective and selfish mind’s misleading tendency, we can cultivate it to be our truly support team for growing our purposeful happy abundant lives – live each of our life under the law of grace.

Heavenly advice: Humans focus on serve and give, trust the other part of job of rewarding us will be well done by the creator of our universe.  Now we may see some light: when we unconsciously suspicious about if we will be rewarded, how could we enjoy what we do and do an excellent job?! Therefore with the light, we can see truth and know what to do.

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Happy Chinese NewYear 2013- Message of True Friendship! 

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