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Poem: The Power Of Convention

– By Lily Harvey MBA PMP® Mech Eng.
( Twitter her at )

The power of Convention is to Share, to Inspire

Together, WE Move Future Prosperity to Now!

Hope is no more just hope, it is a Commitment and Promise

Wish is no more just wish, it is a Achievable Process to Become

If you dream of being inspired to TO INSPIRE OTHERS, FROM Good To GREAT, Join our Cool Team!

It is NOT a question of “Can I..”

It Is A Proclamation Of ” I CHOOSE TO BECOME…”

 <End of the Poem>

1. At Dinner Table1 2At Dinner Table2 3Cary Lily Forouzan

4Deborah Cary Lily  5Doris receiving check 5000 6with CTP Inventor Ed

7John Receiving Check  8John Receiving Check2  9 Phil, Laura and Jerard

10 The 3 founders 11with Bruce  12With Cary

 13With Ed n wife 14 with Fred  15with Gil n his painting Lion_ness

16 With Henry  17with CTP staffs   18Happy Betty n Lily

 19with LLoyd 20 With Sunny 21Lily

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