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Achieved in the past 42 days – from 40 grow to pass 1000!

Dr. John G. the CTP group leader in Vancouver just hit a historical benchmark of 1,000 Associates in his group. Lily’s Team is in his group. Here is the story: Despite waiting for Canadian licensing requirements to be met, John and his small group of leaders decided to make things happen by getting a jump on the Founders Tour.

On December 5th, he prevailed upon the corporate team to rehearse the Founders Tour by coming to Vancouver. And, the rest is now official CTP history: on the day of the meeting about 40 people showed up and today, 42 days later, as of today, that group is over 1000 new CTP Associates.

By focusing their recruiting efforts toward the U.S. this handful of people created huge momentum and are now rapidly expanding this group by several orders of magnitude. John, big hearted guy that he is, shares the secret with us:


Having Ed in the room is instant credibility; he makes the message real! When he talks about his personal motivation, the how and the why that drove his creative fire to create CoolTrade software, people listen and people believe. And we all know that when people believe, they take action! So here’s the lesson for us all: Ed is crossing the nation with the Founders Tour to tell his compelling story. He will tell it many times in his own unique and inspiring way. The only question is, will you have prospective Associates in the room so they too can believe? Can your group put 40 people in a room to hear Ed? Do you want 1000 new Associates in YOUR group 42 days from now?

The Founders Tour will only happen once, friends. When it’s gone, it’s gone. This is an incredibly unique and opportune time to create severe, unstoppable momentum in your team. It is now January 16th; the Founders Tour ends March 30th. Guess where? Where it all began, Vancouver! How many new Associates you think Dr. John will have then? That’s about ten weeks for you to get galvanized to one single, burning proposition: Get guests into every single Founders Tour meeting. Let Ed do the rest.

Dr. John G. from Vancouver and his team leaders are inspiration!

The magic motto is: Make it happen, friends; Watch your life up-shifting…

Effective January 19, 2013

An Unprecedented Opportunity has been offered to you and your prospects: a 7 year old time tested technology that will change lives. Congratulations to you and your clients who have taken advantage of this opportunity; it will NEVER happen again.


• $3500 software purchase price with 5 year free subscription will end on Saturday Jan 19, 2013 at 12midnight pst. • NEW OFFER as of January 19, 2013 Saturday midnight pst – $3500 software purchase price with 2 year free subscription.

Congratulations on a stellar 70 days of recruiting. You and your teams have been given an incredible “first mover advantage” and so many of you have taken the full benefit by creating a very strong foundation. On January 19, 2013 Saturday midnight pst we will initiate the minimal one time Associate fee of $149. Compared to many companies in our industry, with initial costs so high and commissions so low, CTP Associates have a chance to participate in an extremely lucrative compensation plan that pays $500 to $1500 PER SALE for the very reasonable sum of $149.

It is corporate’s desire to make the sales process extremely easy for our Associates with TWO robust websites. Our approach is a system that does all of the explaining for you! A .com CUSTOMER site will provide your prospective customer with details and information about our tremendous time tested technology. A second .net RECRUITING site will provide your prospective business partners with compelling, detailed information about joining your team as an Associate. There are tremendous, multiple features and benefits of our new website platform. The back office functionality gives you broad scope management and communication tools with complete information about your CTP business. This high value marketing and business management system costs $29.95 monthly and will be initiated on Saturday January 19, 2013.

Corporate has literally paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in commission in the past 70 days. We thank you for engaging first without a compensation plan, which we rolled out on 12.22.12. This in itself was unprecedented to have such activity without a compensation plan. This emphasized to corporate the validity of our message and the willingness of people to ‘get it’. It was a magnificent litmus test for the leadership. It is unheard of in our industry for a leader to see their organization growing without a compensation plan and yet your groups exploded. On January 19, 2013, we will roll out the full compensation plan, until January 19, 2013 Saturday midnight pst you can still earn $1000 per personal sale of the software.

5. $500 BONUS
In gratitude for the latitude you’ve given corporate as we have transitioned through the holidays, we offered a $500 bonus on December 20th. This contest was to end on 12/31/12. We are extending this incentive until January 19, 2013. Anyone who personally sells 3 software units will not only earn $1000 per sale but will get an extra $500 bonus total $3500.

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